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Set For Acne
Jaimee Breden

I have always struggled with my skin and acne. I have been on prescriptions from doctors and been put on strong acne medication also. I have been using inaEssentials lavender soap and water since December and I have seen amazing results from these, my skin became a lot clearer! Recently I saw there was an acne set on the website, so I decided to give this a go also! And WOW! My skin is so much clearer, my skin has not been this clear in such a long time! I will definitely be continuing to purchase this acne set. I recommend this set and the lavender soap 100%! So worth it ☺️☺️

Happy with natural products!

I'm using Wild Saint John’s Wort Water for my palm skin which suffers from eczema (constant rashes, cracks, dryness, redness). It is not a miracle but definitely helps! I can see a difference in a week: my hand skin is a bit softer and less inflamed, cracks are healing and no itching. I also use Rose water for my face as a tonic in the morning for months now. I love to know that I'm treating my skin with natural products.

Rose water

This is truly an amazing product. My skin is so much softer and dry flakes I had is gone. Very happy with your product. Xxx

Awesome product!

I've been struggling with cystic acne and allergies. Photo is my forehead before and after 3 weeks! I'm amazed. Working on my chin too. I couldn't be happier with this product


My 3yr old started with an eczema type rash behind her knees. After a couple of weeks applying this every night it has completely gone!! Already recommending to other parents. So hard to find something that works for eczema. If I stop applying the itching does come back but I would buy/apply this until the end of time if it keeps the rash away!

best for hair

that is amazing product 100 % work i would recommend to everyone must use it very good for hair

Approaching 70

I have ditched the dye! My hair is a mixture of dark brown, grey and white at the front. It can look thin too because of lack of colour. This Wild Nettle spray is a Godsend. I am on my 2nd bottle and use it evening and morning on my parting and front hairline. It is encouraging hair growth and seems to stops shedding. Wonderful and kind to hair and scalp.

Natural oils

Natural products of high quality!

Herbal Soap with anti-acne effect with Lavender and Blueberry


This shampoo keeps my hair looking and feeling clean much longer, great product


I’ve struggled with acne badly and I’ve been to the doctors and been using mutiple creams no on which worked. This has been the only product. Highly recommend

FREE Organic Lavender water with anti-acne effect - 200ml (Hydrolat)
Love it 😍😍😍

I've tried so many things.... spend so much on cosmetics, and this simple product solved all my pimple issues. Thank you INA!

Fantastic lemon balm water

I suffer with contact dermatitis, it means that all antibacterial handwash/sanitiser makes my hands red raw, the palm of my hand was dry, flakey and bleeding, started using this after washing my hands and at night and my palm is starting to heal and the redness on the back is looking so much better. It doesn't smell really nice but whats it matter when it's helping a skin condition.
Thank you 😘

It took a short time to get rid off my baby’s eczema

We have a 4 month old baby who developed a very bad eczema on her legs and arms. As last resort we tried the chamomile water and within a week or so we could see a massive change. It disappeared straight away.
Since then it started to come back a little and we are using the water again and hoping for the same result. 😊

Rose watee

Absolutely love it


I’ve tried everything for my hormonal acne and nothing worked even creams the doctors gave me, I thought I’d give this a go and WOW… I’ll never go back to anything else, it’s amazing it’s cleared up all my acne and scars within just weeks, 100% recommended it’s amazing

Mulțumesc mult pentru comanda!!! Abia aștept sa incerc si apa de brad!

Really happy at last.

Wow, I have tried so many products for myself and thought why not try this especially now my son is at an age where he’s started to get real angry spots on his forehead.
Like so many people I always think the reviews are by fake people.
Well it was extremely fast delivery, started using it Saturday 22/01/2022 afternoon.
Pictures are 4 days apart!
I am extremely impressed and will purchase more.

I’ve started getting dry patches of skin on my chin what would you recommend please!

Lovely 😍 👌 👍

I've been using the lavender soap and so wanted to try this, it's just fabulous smooth, clear clean skin recommended along with the cleansing waters 💧.


I have suffered from this scalp condition for years and it’s driven me mad. Your shampoo although it contains oil, does not break my scalp out at all. When I have felt a couple of areas start to form a spot, they have quickly dispersed. I do think this is keeping my scalp in check and I hope it continues as many shampoos start off well and then it comes back as bad as ever. 3 weeks in things are looking positive ! Thank you


I have naturally curly hair which always needs tons of conditioner, it used to be so thick but unfortunately has been falling out in handfuls for the last few months and is now really thin. I've spent a fortune on products which have done nothing for the hair loss and left my hair like straw 🥺. I received my nettle shampoo and water this morning and couldn't wait to try it. I can't believe that for the first time ever, I haven't had to use any conditioner, and my hair is so soft and the curls are more defined, and that is only after the first use. My hair looks so much better already, and my scalp doesn't feel irritated, it's amazing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will help with the hair loss too. So glad I found out about it.

It has worked wonders for my skin!!

I was a little sceptical at first as nothing seems to work properly on my acne.. when it’s bad it’s bad 😩 but thought I would give this a try.. I received it on the 3rd of January (so not even two weeks of using) and noticed a massive difference! Still been using my daily am/pm routine of cleansing, toning etc.. but adding this into the mix has made MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS! It says to use 3 times a day (I have only actually been using twice) so I would have probably noticed even more of a difference if I had been using 3 times a day! It’s amazing stuff and will be ordering more when this bottle is ready for running out 🙌

Helps to stop hair losses

I bought it for my boyfriend as he is always complaining about hair loss. He used it couple of times a week and it looks like it works for him. It didnt stop hair loss yet but it made a difference by losing less hair, however he doesn’t like the smell of it. It has a very strong herbal smell. He will be keep using it as it worked.

Good products

It is working very well, i like that the bottle can be recycled. From the cold weather on winter time and the hot water/steam (shower) my skin gets dry and itchy. This product helped a lit to normalise my skin and get rid of the dandruff. It has a very strong herbal smell, which is not bad but i am not familiar with it yet. But i try to use it several times a week. But all together i am happy with this product and i would recommend it to everyone in need to try.

(OLD) Set For Acne
Kelly Barclay

I'm a repeat customer couldn't love without the lavander and cannot wait to try the other products. I'm amazed at how quickly this got to me especially since the time of year can't thank you all enough :) Review Medals Platinum Monthly Record Shop medal Gold Authentic Shop medal Bronze Transparent Shop medal Top 5% Shops medal Top 5% Trending Shops medal