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Not really much results after a few weeks of use

Not impressed. It doesn’t help with the appearance a little bit but it makes my son more itchy after short periods of time of application. Returning for a refund.

Rose cream

Such a beautiful cream .leaves my skin glowing over that me it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.i love this natural products so much 💖

Natural Herbal Soap with Rose Damascena Oil and Geranium - nourishing action

Krema za ruke lavanda

Pakovanje je zaista prakticno i elegantno,miris je taman kako treba malo jaci. Sto se hidratacije tice …za suve ruke ne pomaze nesto preterano . Koristim je mesec dana, za sada nema nikakvih vidljivih rezultata. Sasvim prosecna krema
Zelim vam da u buducnosti poboljsate formulaciju , cini mi se da sa malo dorade ima potencijal da bude dobra krema.

Nice and foamy

Lovely soap. Nice and foamy and smells great. And then the Pune is actually good for your skin too.




I love this mask and used it with the rose-water toner that you are supposed to mix this with and I really liked it!

This mask comes in a little bag (resealable, which is great). It may seem as though you don’t get much but you do! A little also goes a very long way…

This is a great mask to deeply clean out your pores, skin and more! I immediately noticed how gentle this felt when compared to other black masks!

I can’t really rate or review what it did for my skin because this takes a lot of time in terms of using the mask before reviewing. So far however, I have zero complaints and highly recommend you try!

Organic white pine warer

Very impressed with this product. My nephew has seen a big improvement with his nails

Melissa water

I ordered this water because my skin becomes frequently irritated, red and itchy, mostly after showering but during the day too. I am using prescribed soap for over 2 years now but the itchiness keeps coming back.
My order arrived this Tuesday and I started using it right away. It made my skin feel much better after the first use. Next day my skin was less irritated. Unfortunately last night (Wednesday) when I wanted to use it after showering the lid which is inside came out quite easily and half of the bottel ended up on my mattress. So be careful when you are using it.

Organic lemon balm water

This product is really good for calming skin. I’ve seen a big improvement in the two weeks I’ve used it. I highly recommend this product.

Lavinder and mint

I’ve been using this for the past few weeks and my face has seen a great improvement. I’d definitely recommend this product.

Lavender Secret - Natural hand cream for Dry hands

Fantastic but expensive

I LOVE this moisturiser. Got it as a free gift in my first subscription box and wow I love it! A little goes a long way which is good because it’s so expensive and I won’t be able to buy one once this runs out! But if I had that kind of money I would definitely buy it, no question!

Rose water

This is my favourite skin freshener, wouldn't be without it. Lovely product.

Smells Wonderful

Your Rose Oil smells wonderful and sure softened my dry skin on my arm.

I have been suffering from some type of reoccurring bacteria which causes an extreme rash (caused at first by some reaction to a weed while mowing my Arizona yard) and continues to pop up two or three times a year either from a cat scratch, dog scratch, bug bite, or plant irritant.
I was told Rose oil could be very helpful. It didn't help during the inflamed stage, but during the healing stage, it's wonderful! Thank you.
I also sure appreciate the price as it was very hard trying to find quality Rose Oil at an affordable price. Thank you!

Lavender hydrolina

I love this product. After using for a month straight- twice a day- the results speak for themselves 🌸

Chamomile hydrolina

I have been using the chamomile flower water for about 10 days and I have seen a big change in my hands from the dermatitis that has been bothering me for a long time.

Really helped!

Acne vanished after just a few uses, and my skin became smoother and more pleasant to the touch. I am satisfied.

Lavender and mint hydrobiotic

My favorite face water! My skin has significantly improved, and this is my second order. I am very satisfied!

Magical spray

In addition to its effectiveness against fungus, I've discovered that this spray also works well for mosquito bites. It's quite effective, and within a minute, the itch from a mosquito bite is gone.

Organic white fir hydrolina

I use it daily, and my skin feels calm, hydrated, and soft. Thank you!!!

Fantastic product

Rose Hydrolina is fantastic! Thank you!


We are testing a chamomile hydrolina from Inaessentials, to whom we thank very much for their support in our fight with eczema. You can see the improvement after just 2 days. I'm glad we have something so natural.


I've been using it for a little less than a year, I think the difference is obvious 😊

Great product

Works fantastically on rashes of any kind. Whether from allergies or acne. I regularly put it on my son's forehead. Results within 2 weeks, see photo. I recommend.