Natural Wild Nettle Shampoo for Hair Loss

Natural Wild Nettle Shampoo for Hair Loss

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200 ml

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Against hair loss

Suitable for oily, combined to normal hair

Natural ingredients

No artificial colors and smell

What to expect from this product:

The first 2-3 washes you may not feel the desired results. This is because your scalp needs an adaptation period when switching from a conventional to a natural shampoo.

On the second week of regular product use, you will feel your scalp healthier. Your scalp will become hydrated, which will help to strengthen the hair follicles. Thus, hair loss will decrease. Keep in mind that it is perfectly natural to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day :) The natural oiliness of the scalp will be regulated. The formation of excess sebum will decrease significantly.

With continued, consistent and responsible use the shampoo will result in a healthy, well hydrated scalp. Your hair will strengthen its appearance, hair loss will decrease significantly. Healing of the hair follicles will be present. New hair growth will be noticeable.

** Results when using natural products are strictly individual. They depend on a number of factors, including the condition of your skin and body, your sensitivity to the plant and its active properties, the medical conditions you are targeting, responsible and regular application of the product, as well as your diet and lifestyle, among others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 395 reviews
Martina Larkin
Excellent products

Love the nettle shampoo and rosemary conditioner my scalp and hair feels nourished. I will definitely be purchasing again and again, chemicals are gone from my life, couldn't be happier.

Soft,shiny and healthy.

I used this shampoo for a month or so with mixed feelings.I found it hard to get any sort of lather with my thick hair.U need to follow the instructions..I had not been leaving the shampoo on for 2 minutes as reccomended.Once I did this the 2nd repeat wash was a dream.Follow up with the conditioner and a splash of rose hydrolina on the ends to finish. Love this combination.Hair stays fresher and cleaner for longer too.Can't see myself returning to normal shampoo and conditioners any time soon.

Enkelejda Bega
Happy with the product

The nettle hair shampoo is so good. The hair after wash feel so soft and full volume .It helps a lot with getting rid of dandruff and oily hair.My girls and I are quite happy and will be purchasing again.

Natural hair conditioner

Used this product with the lavender shampoo and feels amazing on my hair , will deffo buy this product again .

Happy Customer

It's taken me more than one year and many £000's spent on trying to find the right conditioner that is helping to calm my very irritated itchy scalp

I truly believe that I have found my go to conditioner in Ina Rosemary and White Fir, it's certainly helping in calming the itch in my scalp