Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for Dry skin
Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for Dry skin
Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for Dry skin
Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for Dry skin

Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for Dry skin

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150 ml

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Anti-aging effect

Suitable for dry and damaged skin

Bio product


No chemicals

What to expect from this product:

Balances the Skin Microbiota

Organic Rose Hydrolina begins to nourish the skin, reduce imperfections from daily pollutants and enhance its natural radiance.

Targets the Problem

Its hydrating properties penetrate deeper, moisturising the skin, smoothing fine lines, and improving texture, making skin feel hydrated and resilient.

Maintain a Radiant Skin

With consistent use, the skin retains its hydration and elasticity, resulting in a lasting youthful appearance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 386 reviews
Antoinette Doyle
Rose water

This is my favourite skin freshener, wouldn't be without it. Lovely product.

Fantastic product

Rose Hydrolina is fantastic! Thank you!

Julie ruddick
Rosa hydrolina

Lovely product refreshing and helps to keep my skin soft and calm so easy to use

Natasha R.
Organic Rose Water - Hydrolina for dry skin - 150 ml (Hydrolat)

Love this product the scent is the most beautiful smell of roses and it’s so refreshing on the skin. Skin is moisturized and so soft. The best rose water I’ve purchased online

Amazing Product

I tried everything for my hormonal acne at age 30 after coming off the pill and stronger and stronger treatments were making things worse including antibiotics which only helped temporarily and prescription grade treatments, was in a spiral and getting more desperate with horrendous pustules all over my cheeks and jawline, really affecting my confidence so badly. Then before giving up completely and resigning myself to a life of hiding, tried this lavendar water from an advert I saw for natural acne solutions as I'd been googling those since other methods failed, and it seemed to be the only thing thats worked, and consistently too! I'd say I am at least 60 percent clearer and it has really helped my self image. I think it must tackle acne bacteria without destroying the skin biome but regardless of looking into it, I'm now a huge fan! Just bought myself a 3 pack with a maskina which I'm waiting for! Face isn't perfect but closest I've got post contraceptive pill! I used to get some results with a couple of previous products for about 3 weeks and then my skin would flare again after that for months after, even though people kept saying keep going with the treatments, retinol, tretonoin, I think all the harsh desperate cleansing and treating was just perpetuating it - was sick and tired of it, think they were spouting nonsense now as after a week of this stuff and now on 3 or 4 months about, still only gets better. Enabling my skin to heal so it can slowly work out the scars too. Forever. Grateful.