Postbiotics – the newest trend in skincare and why you need it

After the big success and the thousands of happy clients, who tried our Bio lavender water and found a solution for their problematic skin, we, from InaEssentials, wanted to offer something even better. We couldn’t settle – we are young, curious, and hungry for new innovations. So we started going through the feedback of our clients and analyzed what else you need, and how can we bring up our products to the next level.

We put a lot of research and work into creating something that we strongly believe in. We ran numerous tests, we went out of our comfort zone tons of times and it was worth it! Today we can proudly say that we offer our InaEssentials clients a top product with 100% natural ingredients, developed within the newest cosmetic technologies.

Let’s meet our InaEssentials Hydrobiotic – Lavender & Mint

InaEssentials’ Hydrobiotic – Lavender&Mint is a unique, innovative formula. It combines 100% bio lavender hydrolat and 100% bio mint hydrolat with Lentimyrt – a postbiotic symbiosis of Myrtle and Lentisk.

100% Bio Lavender water from our Bio fields - a natural solution in the fight against acne and blackheads

Acne and blackheads are common skin problems, especially among teenagers. That's why we at InaEssentials have created an effective and 100% natural solution. Thanks to the biological method of cultivation, the water has retained its ability to cleanse the pores of the face and thus prevent acne and blackheads. Lavender water is perfect for oily skin, due to its pH-regulating properties.

100% Bio Peppermint water – tightens and mattifies the skin

Peppermint water is the perfect daily addition to your skincare if you have rather dry skin. It will moisturize it and will bring a feeling of freshness. More importantly, the active ingredients in Mint cleanse deeply the pores and regulate excess sebum.


Myrtle is one true hidden gem in cosmetics! It has been clinically proven to decrease acne grades by reducing the number of erythema. The plant helps to eliminate bad microorganisms from the skin – especially those we gather throughout the day when being outside due to its great antibacterial activity on the facial skin. Myrtle is very effective for removing sebum and dead skin cells and securing your skin with a healthy natural glow!


The magic of the Mediterranean region! Rich in vitamin E, Omega 6, and 9, the plant has powerful antiseptic and healing properties. It truly is the best thing one can do for irritated and sensitive skin!

Lentimyrt postbiotic – multilevel skin barrier function booster

Myrtle and Lentisk are treated to reinforce the plant phytocomplexes, transforming the inert fibers into even more active ingredients thanks to fermentation. Lethimyrt supports the skin due to its ability to:
- improve the skin barrier function at different levels;
- positively modulate the skin microbiota biodiversity – does not harm the good bacteria on the skin and fights actively the bad microorganisms;
- rise the antioxidant defenses of the skin;
- effectively moisturize the skin;
- increase the formation of Hydrolipidic film – a.k.a your skin bodyguard.

And why is all this amazing?

Fermentation of plants and the outcome - biotics is the biggest innovation in skincare cosmetics lately, as they normalize the natural microbiome and help us achieve beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Sounds amazing, right?

Let’s take a close look at the three types of biotics – prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, and what role they can have in skincare.



Prebiotics are basically the natural food source of probiotics, and when applied topically on the skin, they can have various benefits:
- to offset certain factors that can lead to redness, which is why many anti-redness products can include a good dosage of prebiotics;
- to reduce signs of aging;
- to reduce dryness.

Prebiotics in skincare appear like plant sugars (rhamnose, fructooligosaccharides) or extracts from natural sources high in prebiotics (oats or barley). You’ll typically find prebiotics in moisturizers and serums, even some redness-reducing treatments.


Probiotics maintain or improve the health of your gut, but also have an added benefit for the skin. They care for living organisms that help keep your microbiome strong and healthy, especially if combined with prebiotics.

As it ages, the skin pH increases, which is why you can experience increasingly drier skin as you age. At the same time, drier skin means fewer good bacteria and more ‘bad’ bacteria which can affect the look and health of your skin. Probiotic skincare is intended to restore the balance in your microbiome and counter the effects of aging.

Probiotics like Lactobacillus, rice, or Saccharomyces can also be used to reduce acne outbreaks, reduce dryness, and can even help with eczema.


Postbiotics also help support the good bacteria living on your skin, but their role is to fight against bad bacteria as well.

Postbiotics are often produced during the fermentation process of the probiotic bacteria – getting the best of both worlds. They can be used to address different skin issues:
- reducing sebum;
- providing anti-pollution protection;
- soothing skin inflammation;
- smoothing skin texture.
They are commonly found in serums to support active ingredients, such as salicylic acids or even retinol products.


Absolutely! Let’s sum it up – you need prebiotics to feed the probiotics, which go through fermentation in order to give us the best and final product – the postbiotic.

Prebiotics are food for the bacteria and work to nurture and enrich the microbiome, while postbiotics use lysates, or non-living by-products of good bacteria to interact with the skin’s existing bacteria. Strictly speaking, probiotics are the name for actual organisms that live on the microbiome but, according to Bowe, using these live cultures in skincare would be tricky since it would require preservatives.

Why do you need InaEssentials Hydrobiotic?

While invisible to the naked eye, the microorganisms living on your skin are essential to keeping it healthy and happy. When that balance is thrown off for whatever reason, the skin starts to show various signs of damage. Providing the microbiome with a cocktail of good bacteria is a great way to restore the health and natural glow of the skin. Our 100% Bio Lavender and Mint hydrolats will heal, moisturize and cleanse in-depth your skin while balancing perfectly the pH of your skin. The combination of both herbs makes this product suitable for all skin types – dry, combined, and oily.

Ready to give your skin a healthy dose of postbiotics? Check out the Lavender & Mint Hydrobiotic by InaEssential to get the best postbiotic skincare on the market.

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