Say goodbye to HYPERPIGMENTATION thanks to a single organic product with natural SPF – InaEssentials’ secret

InaEssentials is a family brand with great love for nature, but even greater love for everyone who supports our business. Our family takes care of each person along the line of production. You can imagine that working in the fields and maintaining our beautiful crops is a hard task, especially under the hot summer sun. And this created the question – how can we protect their skin? Our secret weapon -ORGANIC WHITE FIR WATER! And this is what we offer to you – tested and approved salvation in a bottle.

You can feel the temperatures rising as well as your good mood. That means just one thing – summer is officially here! Although you probably plan to spend warm and pleasant days in the sun, you should not forget that UV rays are a huge enemy of beautiful and healthy skin. Prolonged sun exposure in the summer is one of the main factors that can cause excessive skin pigmentation.

If you want to learn what hyperpigmentation is and how to protect your skin, stay tuned to the end of this article. We have prepared some practical tips you can start applying today.

What is excessive skin pigmentation?

Excessive skin pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a skin condition characterized by the appearance of spots in different shades on the face and other parts of the body. The main reason for these spots is the excessive production of melanin. As you probably remember from biology classes, melanin is the pigment responsible for skin coloring.

This condition occurs in both men and women. Various factors can cause hyperpigmentation, one of which is excessive sun exposure. Also, the spots on exposed areas of the skin can sometimes cause us to feel uncomfortable and even affect our self-esteem. Unfortunately, once it appears, hyperpigmentation can be very persistent.

How to prevent excessive skin pigmentation during the summer?

It is good to take preventive measures before sunspots appear on your skin. Here are some recommendations from our InaEssentials team.

Limit the time you spend in the sun

The first preventative measure you can take is to reduce the hours you spend in the sun. Experts advise you to avoid sunbathing or walking during the hours when the sun is strongest - between 12 and 4 at noon. The rest of the time you will spend outdoors, be sure to wear a suitable hat and sunglasses to protect your face.

Try our 100% Organic White Fir water

For anyone looking for a natural way to deal with hyperpigmentation, our family-owned business offers the Organic White Fir water – approved by thousands of happy customers. For years, InaEssentials has been striving to use natural ingredients to offer effective solutions that help people overcome a number of health problems and regain their self-confidence.

Everything started as we mentioned – just trying to protect our hard-working staff on the fields. The results were so impressive, we couldn’t believe ourselves! We run some tests and they show that 76% of people notice a reduction in hyperpigmentation within just two weeks of use. However, when it comes to natural cosmetics things are quite individual, but for maximum effect, it is recommended to apply the product 2-3 times a day. There is no need to wash off the water after that. 

InaEssentials Organic White Fir water contains 100% natural ingredients that support skin regeneration and maintain its balance. Also, this product has been proven to reduce spots with different color shades on the skin, leaving a radiant and even complexion. Its benefits also include reducing sebum and balancing oily skin. The good news is that White Fir water is a very delicate product. It does not contain aggressive chemicals, but only natural ingredients, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin. You can order it from our online store in a convenient 200 ml package!

Use sunscreen regularly

Our last piece of advice is to use sunscreen regularly. Look for one with 30 SPF or more to apply on the face and all exposed areas of the skin. It is recommended to reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours to keep the skin protected from the effects of UV rays. 

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