Why You should STOP using your shampoo!

Why You should STOP using your shampoo!

Perhaps you’ve never noticed what is actually in your hair washing products. Let’s have a look at the main suspects found in conventional shampoos.

Why we need an alternative?

1. A lot Shampoos have sulphates (SLS/SLES). It’s what makes them foamy and bubbly – fun, yeah? – NO!!

These are toxic ingredients that brands use as they are cheap an allow them to make more money but they are as harmful as they are practical. While effectively cleansing, sulfates strip all the natural oils from our hair causing it to become dry and brittle. It is linked to all sorts of scalp irritations, immune problems and with excessive use, can even contribute to cell damage. Not to mention they might become contaminated during their production with other chemicals that are actually carcinogenic.


2. Another culprit for hair damage found in drugstore shampoos is the word   FRAGRANCE. Every time you see these big red lights should go off in your head as no one actually tells you what’s in that – most of the times these are synthetic, petroleum-based smells used to mask the chemicals that are in the shampoos and are linked to hormone disruptions.

3. Moving along we have Parabens – the chemical preservatives that keep fungal and microbial organisms. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen and since it is likely they are absorbed from our bodies during topical use they can cause hormonal disbalance. They are also irritants leading to problems for people with a sensitive scalp.


Natural shampoos are exactly what they sound like. They are made from pure ingredients only found in nature. These shampoos do not have any hazardous chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicones, coloring and etc. that harm healthy hair. Choosing a natural alternative allows you to be confident about exactly what you’re buying and the ingredients you and your family are exposed to.


As part of our "2021 - TOGETHER" campaign we asked our loyal customers to guide us with the development of our family business and tell us what we their needs are. Overwhelmingly the answer was “We need natural shampoos that we can trust.”.  So of course, we looked into the mater.

Why are they beneficial?

Natural shampoos contain skin loving ingredients that gently cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping their natural oils. The plant-based ingredients in these shampoos promote hair growth, elasticity, body, and shine since they nourish the hair instead of relying on synthetic build up for effect. Since commonly used products irritate and damage the natural balance in our hair switching to pure ingredients often can help resolve scalp issues like dandruff and seborrhea. For scalp problems cutting irritants and synthetics is definitely a must.

Since launching our Organic Clary sage water against seborrhea and our Wild Nettle water for hair loss we know how many of our customers struggle with such systematic issues and we were more than enthusiastic to support their efforts and offer a shampoo that is clean, nourishing and as always with our products – relies on the natural properties of organic essential oils.


What We Did?

After more than a year of development: Our 99% Natural Shampoos are finally here and we can share with you the following information: Our Shampoos do not include any of the following substances 🧪

No sulfates
No silicones

No parabens
No artificial coloring

No artificial fragrances



InaEssentials Nettle Shampoo is a new clean formula made from natural and certified organic ingredients. It is perfect for improving strength, elasticity, preventing hair loss, promoting growth, and increasing shine. Its formula contains a blend of wild nettle extract, organic melissa, organic peppermint, and argan oil. This mixture of ingredients works together to reinforce hair fiber, fight against hair loss, and promote hair growth. The infusion of vitamins - A, E, B3, D-Panthenol, and proteins - soy and wheat is perfect for P.E.H balance. It gently cleanses the hair, while nourishing and supporting it.


Key ingredients:

  • Nettle extract and nettle water- stimulate hair growth
  • Soy and wheat proteins - essential nutrients for hair and skin beauty
  • Vitamin E and A- support scalp health and stimulate hair growth
  • Vitamin B3 and B5- oxygenize hair follicles and nourish hair
  • Argan oil- hydrates and retains moisture and shine 
  • Melissa oil, Mint oil, Lemongrass oil- restore and nourish hair 


InaEssentials Rose Shampoo blends organic rose oil with argan oil, macadamia oil and babassu oil to revitalize damaged hair, to smooth and fortify it helping minimize breakage and fall. Enriched with Vitamins A, E, D- Panthenol and grapevine extract to nourish the scalp, our shampoo gently cleanses while naturally rejuvenating, improving its porosity and making it fresh and healthy.

Key ingredients:

  • Organic rose oil and rose water- regenerate and revitalize hair
  • Grapevine extract - an essential nutrient for hair and skin beauty
  • Vitamin E and A-support scalp health and stimulate hair growth
  • Vitamin B3 and B5- oxygenize hair follicles and nourish hair
  • Argan oil- hydrates and retains moisture and shine 
  • Babassu and Macadamia- rich in antioxidants, nutrients and fatty acids 


InaEssentials Lavender Shampoo combines organic lavender oil and argan oil to balance the scalp and help deal with oily hair without stripping it of its natural moisture. Enriched with Vitamins A & E and Fiji apple stem extract to nourish and sooth the scalp, reduce irritation and excess sebum production, our shampoo gently cleanse the scalp leaving it soothed and refreshed.

Key ingredients:

  • Organic lavender oil and lavender water- balance hair and scalp
  • Fiji apple stem- an essential nutrient for hair and skin beauty
  • Vitamin E and A- support scalp health and stimulate hair growth
  • Vitamin B3 and B5- oxygenize hair follicles and nourish hair
  • Argan oil- hydrates and retains moisture and shine 


 Want to try them all? 

Our natural shampoo set is now at a big discount:


What you can expect when switching to a natural shampoo:


  • The shampoo doesn’t foam: Build up from synthetic products can prevent the natural sulfate-free shampoo from foaming well the first couple of uses when making the switch. Additionally, it is important to later the product beforehand in the palms and to double cleanse if necessary. Although it is essential for the bathing experience - the foaming itself does not contribute to the actual washing it just helps spread the product so don’t be quick to judge the effectiveness by the lack of bubbles.
  • The scalp feels oilier/The hair feels heavier: The constant use of harsh oil striping chemicals in drugstore shampoos harms the protective barrier of the scalp and disrupts its balance. Your hair is just accustomed to overproducing oil to compensate. Additionally synthetic styling products are hard to wash off naturally and may stay in the hair causing it to feel heavy and oily. Your hair just needs a few washes and consistency in your detox from chemicals.
  • The hair feels tangled and coarse: Silicone heavy conditioners and styling products coat the hair strands causing them to feel sleek and look shiny but they actually prevent them from getting nourishment and ruin the hair structure by increasing its porosity. Once you are free from the build up your hair will start restoring and you’ll just need to be a bit patient before you feel the difference.

Upon switching to a natural shampoo, you will need a few washes to adjust but we promise you it is so worth it

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