Smoke Tree Water - The natural solution against gum problems, bad breath and caries


We are a small family brand that has been engaged in organic farming in Bulgaria since 2000. Back then my husband and I started our organic farming journey as amateurs and we didn't understand much, but we had a vision and a strong belief that what we do is right. We have been close to bankruptcy several times and the road we have taken has been full of difficulties.Today we are reaping the fruits of years of consistency and hard work and with the help of our 3 children, we are finally offering our products to customers throug our website InaEssentials.

The story behind all of this 

In February 2019, we published our first advertisement for lavender water on our Facebook page in Bulgaria without any expectations. However, a week later the positive comments started coming. Thanks to the amazing feedback, more clients believed in us and gave us a chance. Thanks to that lavender water is now a well-known product against acne in more than 16 EU markets including the UK. Thanks to the success of this product we were able to create a new amazing product: The Smoke Tree Water for gum problems 

Wild Smoke Tree Water 

Thanks to the huge interest in our brand due to the amazing effect of our lavender water, we managed to accumulate some capital and fortunately, just at that time we received the advice to produce wild smoke tree water. It is interesting that we are the only producer in the world for this product because it is extremely difficult to pick this plant. It can only be picked by hand and grows in specific regions. However, thanks to our social policy we have the much-needed help. More than 40 families from the minorities harnessed together with my son Vasko and husband Nikolai and so we managed to collect and distil smoke tree.
inaessentials social policy
While we were producing water, my son Vasil had a problem with bleeding gums. He started testing the water and to be quite honest the effect on him was amazing and in a week his gums stopped bleeding. Then we offered them water to friends of ours, who were extremely satisfied as well. After these internal tests, we finally decided to offer the products to our customers. 

The smoke tree water boom 

In short, we produced our smoke tree water in November 2020 and we produced enough quantities for all of our markets for 1 year ahead. The end result was that the product was sold out only in our native market Bulgaria in 2 months. The good news is that we produced new quantities in July 2021 and now we can offer it in the UK. 


Smoke Tree is one of the plants with the strognest antibacterial effect. Unlike antibiotics that only temporarily solve the problem, the smoke tree water offers a permanent solution to gum and teeth problems. The products is produced by steam distillation and it does NOT stain the teeth.

1 gargling with 1 cap of the water in the evening before bedtime is more than enough. However, it is best to try the water and see for yourself. If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 

If that's not enough, we have a 20% discount code for you: smoke20

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