Treat damaged, exhausted hair and dry skin with a SINGLE-ingredient Natural product

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Looking for a new herbal product to try? If you are looking for ways to win the battle with damaged, exhausted hair with split ends and dry, dehydrated skin – InaEssentials’ brand-new Wild Yarrow Water is just what you're looking for! This flowering plant has a long history of use in traditional medicine and is believed to offer a wide range of benefits.

Yarrow is a traditional Bulgarian herb that we all know very well. It can be easily found around the country roads and across the fields. Its bitter taste cannot be mistaken. Probably you are familiar with it due to the herb’s amazing properties to cure colds and flu, and intimate discomfort to even skin conditions like acne.


The secrets of Yarrow:

Yarrow has been in our family forever. It’s one of those natural helpers, that you always have in handy, gently stored on the shelve, ready to come in usage whenever you need them, but often ends up neglected.

We all dye our hair put it in shape with straighteners, blow-dry it and exhaust it to the maximum. This results in damaged, dry hair with split ends – very common problems nowadays. And all these serums, oils, and additional hair products that come to the rescue help rarely, but often end up causing greasy hair.

Yarrow infusions have been the secret weapon for some of the ladies in our family for years! And now we present you with a product of high quality, easy and ready-to-use, in a convenient spray bottle – welcome InaEssentials’ Wild Yarrow Water! What distinguishes our yarrow water is that unlike most of the hydrolates on the market, which are a “residual” product after the extraction of essential oils, whereas our InaEssentials Wild Yarrow water is a primary distillate with a high content of essential oil. Because we believe that our clients deserve only high-quality products.

Benefits and uses of InaEssentials’ Wild Yarrow water – a reliable solution for damaged hair and dry skin

Yarrow is a plant that has long been used for medicinal purposes. It has a long history of medicinal use. In the past, it was used to treat wounds, cuts, and scrapes. It has also been used to stop bleeding. For these purposes, white yarrow is still used today. 


Yarrow is one of the effective ingredients to treat multiple hair problems such as dandruff, itchiness, oily scalp, and prevent grey hair. With the regular use of Yarrow water, you will see amazing improvements in your hair. These include promoting healthy hair, soothing the scalp, preventing inflammation disorders, removing split ends, and controlling hair fall, as it has been shown to increase the growth of cells that form hair follicles.

When applied to the skin, yarrow water helps your skin to remove excess oil from the face and regulate the amount of oil that your skin produces. This excess oil is basically the reason for clogged pores and blemishes over the face. The frequent use of Yarrow can significantly prevent excess oil and help you achieve healthier skin. The active ingredients of the herb enhance the renewal of skin cells and reduce wrinkles. 

InaEssentials’ natural Wild Yarrow water is produced from organic fields and is grown in accordance with all standards of organic farming. What we like to believe is that thanks to the biological method of cultivation, our yarrow retains much more than its therapeutic properties, and thus the water produced naturally from it becomes a real healing gift from Nature! To ensure the high quality of the products that our family business produces, we are responsible for every step in this long process: from growing the plants, through harvesting them, to closing the floral water in the 200ml bottle.

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